Welcome to Friends of Foster Children (FOFC)! We have been serving foster children in the San Gabriel Valley since 1976. We are always looking for new members to join us and help make a foster child's life a little brighter.

About FOFC

FOFC is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization. We have no paid staff and no facility, so less than 6% of our annual budget is spent on operating costs. A total of 94% of every donated dollar is applied to the children's needs.

Various fundraisers and gift collections throughout the year are designed to help foster children in residential treatment centers in the San Gabriel Valley. We also assist newly emancipated foster teens as they learn to set up their own homes, continue their education, and begin their journey of being self-supporting.


Our current projects include:

  • Foster Caring: Funds requests from the residential treatment centers for anything from new sheets to special activities for the children.
  • Scholarship: Members provide financial assistance to emancipated youth and mentor college students, giving encouragement and emotional support to successfully complete their education.
  • Special Friends: Special projects such as collecting school supplies and hygiene products.
  • Sugar Plum Tree: Christmas trees are decorated with the Christmas wishes of over 400 foster children. Members receive, collect, sort, and deliver the gifts in time for their Christmas parties.